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Welcome to my new website dedicated to capturing the history of Minnitoys, these beautiful Canadian Made trucks truly capture a terrific graphical history of the Canadian businesses that were involved with trucking during the 50's. Often compared to Smith Miller and Tonka Toys, the Minnitoys pressed steel toys are without doubt the most attractively decorated! These trucks are similar to the scale of Tonka Toys being manufactured in Minnetonka Minnesota, USA by the Mound Metal company, which later became Tonka Toys.  Minnitoys were the Canadian version of a similar line of trucks.

Minnitoys were manufactured by the OTACO Company, which was Incorporated in 1948-49, Otaco, which was a combination of the words Orillia Tudhope Anderson Company, in Orillia, Ontario. They made Farm Implements, Road master Wagons, Snowplows, Sleighs and Wagons at that time. Shown below is a rendering of one of the porcelain and metal signs from that era. The sign was produce in Both English and French versions as many of the toy trucks were produced also. One side of the truck would have text in English and the other in French.

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Minnitoys trucks were well made and designed for real use by real kids. Unlike toys manufactured today, these beautiful reproductions of Semi Trucks and Trailers, Semi Gasoline Tanker trucks, Tow Truck and other heavy duty trucks are made out of steel and were extremely durable. That is why these toys are still around today. I cannot imagine toys from today being around and collected as these are.

I will be adding to this website, so please be patient. If you have information, photos or catalogs from the Minnitoys era, please let me. I would be thrilled to add this to my site. 

Here is a beautiful Truck that Minnitoys never produced. It is a custom truck that was painted in the 50's for Norton Motor Lines Limited. It was common to have custom trucks produced as retirement gifts for trucking employees made espicially for the occasion by local sign shops and painters.

Minnitoys Custom Norton Motor Lines Smei Truck






Here is a tough truck, this is a Private Label Maple Leaf Packers Minnitoys truck and trailer. Private label Minnitoys truck are sought after by Minnitoys and Pressed Steel toys collectors.

Other Brands produced by Minnitoys include: Heintz Spaghetti Semi Truck and Trailer
North Star Oil Fuel Fuel Tanker Truck
Fuels Limited Coal & Wood Fuel Tanker Truck
White Rose Fuel Tanker Truck
Heinz Juice Truck Semi Truck and Trailer
Texaco Fuel Tanker Truck
Auto Wrecker 216 Towing
Supertest Fuel Tanker Truck
Minnitoys Transport Semi Truck and Trailer
B/A Oil Fuel Tanker Truck
Heinz Oil Semi Truck and Trailer
Mccoll-Frontenac Oil Co. Fuel Tanker Truck
Esso Imperial Gas Fuel Tanker Truck
Heinz 57 Soups English and French Decals Semi Truck and Trailer
Heinz Ketchup with English and French Decals Semi Truck and Trailer
Heinz 57 Beans with English and French Decals Semi Truck and Trailer
Beaver Lumber Toy Truck
Supertest Fuel Tanker TruckSemi Truck and Trailer
Tanker Truck Hochelaga Restored Fuel Tanker Truck
Dump Truck Minni-Construction
Shell Oil Fuel Tanker TruckSemi Truck and Trailer
Maple Leaf Canada Packers Value Semi Truck and Trailer
Fina Gas Fuel Tanker Truck
Trans Canada Airline Private Label Semi Truck and Trailer
Dept. Of Highways Dump Truck Limited
Irving Fuel Tanker Truck
Hochelaga Superflame 203 Fuel Tanker Truck
Booth Oil Tanker
Sunoco Gas Tanker
Winnipeg Supply "Oil Heat is Safe"